What are your Names? Ikeh Kosisochukwu Olivia

How old are you? 20years old

How many are you in your family? We are five

What country to you dream of staying in and why? Canada, because I heard there are so many nice places there and would love to tour around also businesses are upgraded there

Are you married? am not married

When did you start modeling? I started modeling early 2020

How did you hear about Culture Queen Africa? I saw it through Facebook, and I thought I should give it a try, against my siblings, who thought it was a scam, but none the less I went for it.

Why did you choose to participate in Culture Queen Africa? To participate in cultural queen Africa because I was a model and I wanted to be recognized and I wanted to start counting my achievements from there

How was your experience in Culture Queen Africa? My experience in cultural queen Africa was stressful, fun and also taught me a lot

How are you using the platform that Culture Queen Africa gave you to impact the community? am using these platform to impact more on the society, by helping young girls interested modeling and the next pageant edition, not just this pageant but other ones they are interested in

When you were chosen as a finalist, then walking out on the stage for the first time, how did you feel? And what did that moment symbolize to you? When I was chosen as one of the finalists I was so happy and I started thanking God for bringing me thus far, and hope he help me to the end. Then walking on stage for the first time there was so much fear and anxiety but there fans and family came through so I focused more on my aim and gathered more courage and moved on. That was when focus was symbolized by his grace I made it.

What are some of the challenges you faced, before, during and after the pageant? challenges I faced were finances especially when I needed to sell of my tickets, do my e-voting and gathering up my camp requirements also being a survivor of kidney problem It was kind of stressful for me but I kept pushing. Then in pageant the challenge I had was cat walking which I learnt. Another thing was when I saw the head queen for the first time I was like woooowww this girl and then low esteem came into the picture, but I said no am unique in my own way her too in hers, she maybe be perfect in this but not in that same as me

After winning the crown, what are some of the achievements that you have had? The achievement I had is becoming a brand ambassador for Cally’s global and also being recognized by so many people

How has the Agency impacted your Life? The agency has impacted so many things, but the main things making me known by lot of people and also me having courage to talk to a crowd not just talking a crowd but also doing things that concerns the public

What do you hope gain now that you are a queen? I really hope to gain more wonderful things from them and also fulfilling part of my dreams with them, which is becoming a great model someday

How long have you been a queen? Four months now

In a few words, what does being Culture Queen Mean to you? Culture queen mean to me is bringing up our young girls to have knowledge of who they truly are, and with my crown I hope to do them through God who strengthens me

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