What are your Names?  Columbus Faith Success

How old are you? I am 19 years old

How many are you in your family? We are five in the family, four girls and one boy

What country to you dream of staying in and why? I dream of staying in Ghana because their standard of education is very high and I Love them for that and I also dream of staying in South Korea because I love Koreans, their language, skin colour I love everything about them and I also have so many celebrity crush there and I want to meet all of them.

Are you married? Do you have any children? No, I’m not married and I don’t have any child

When did you start modeling? I started modelling in 2019

How did you hear about Culture Queen Africa? I heard about Cultural Queen Africa from a social media platform, Facebook to be precise.

Why did you choose to participate in Culture Queen Africa? I choose to participate in Cultural Queen Africa because I saw the CEO as a very nice woman to work with and I also needed a platform to Promote African culture and I also saw it as a very good platform that will help me achieve my dream of meeting so many young people and impacting their lives positively and becoming a good role model to the younger generation

How was your experience in Culture Queen Africa?  My experience in Cultural Queen Africa have been one of the best so far though it’s actually my first time of contesting in a Pageant but I must say it’s wonderful and it’s the best cause I have been to so many Pageants and I see how they runs theirs.

How are you using the platform that Culture Queen Africa gave you to impact the community? The platform given to me by Cultural Queen Africa organization as the Cultural Queen Africa, I together with my Subordinate Queens have made impact in some families by helping relieve the burden of school fees payment off the shoulders of the parents and we’re willing to do more.

When you were chosen as a finalist, then walking out on the stage for the first time, how did you feel? And what did that moment symbolize to you? When I was walking out on the stage I felt on top of the world cause my dream was slowly becoming a reality and I was scared because that was actually my first time but seeing my friends cheering me up I felt elated, that moment symbolizes my pathway to success and victory.

What are some of the challenges you faced, before, during and after the pageant?  Before the pageant I was face with financial difficulty, the pageant wasn’t expensive though but I encountered some difficulties financially but I was able to scale through it, during the pageant I didn’t face much difficulty except that I was scared of a particular contestant my first runner-up now the girl was damn good but I finally scaled through. After the pageant, I have emerged as the Cultural Queen Africa it was a dream come true for me, my status changed instantly anywhere I enter people take cognizance of me immediately I had to start avoiding so many places in order not to draw attention cause each time they see me they keep shouting Queen Faith.

After winning the crown, what are some of the achievements that you have had?

Firstly I haven’t achieved much, but I hope in the coming weeks and months to have achieved more. Then Secondly my Queens and I have accomplished some projects that involved giving scholarships to students in a secondary school as well as giving out books, bags and water flasks to students.

Then through help of the agency I was accorded the opportunity to talk about “Rape” at creative women brand with influential women and commissioners (women) in the state. It was really a memory.

How has the Agency impacted your Life? The agency have so much impacted my life positively even before I emerged the Cultural Queen Africa, the agency is like a family to me and I’m glad to be part of this great family.

What do you hope gain now that you are a queen? To be sincere I don’t hope of gaining anything, I just needed a platform to talk to the younger generation and I have gotten it but as a human there are things we hope to gain and that I have gained and hope to gain more which varies from monetary gains, gift items and fame.

How long have you been a queen? I’ve always been a Queen cause every woman is a Queen but I’ve been a Pageant for about 4 months now

In a few words, what does being Culture Queen Mean to you? Being Cultural Queen Africa means so much to me cause it have given me the platform I’ve desired for long that’s why I carry it high and boast of it anywhere I find myself.

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