What are your Names? Asipha Pamela Miracle

How old are you? 20 year’s

How many are you in your family? 3

What country to you dream of staying in and why? Canada, because it is a nice place to start a family and it is very peaceful.

Are you married? Do you have any children? Am not married

When did you start modeling?  When I was in secondary school 2015

How did you hear about Culture Queen Africa? Through social media

Why did you choose to participate in Culture Queen Africa? Because it’s a free and fair pageant, and I will be able to showcase what I have within me without fear or favor from anyone.

How was your experience in Culture Queen Africa?  It was fun, inspite of it being stressing and it required lots of commitment inorder to be outstanding; “if I ever want to participate in a beauty pageant or refer someone for a pageant then cultural queen Africa is a legit one”.

How are you using the platform that Culture Queen Africa gave you to impact the community? Encouraging young girls to believe and follow their dreams is my main goal, I want to serve the society not just as a queen but as someone who sees the society as part of family.

When you were chosen as a finalist, then walking out on the stage for the first time, how did you feel? And what did that moment symbolize to you? Walking on a pageant stage takes so much courage, happiness and high self esteem in doing that, and it made me feel like I am one of the queens ready to show case herself, and deep down I had that belief, this was not going to be my final stage, but rather a platform and a door that would propel me to walk on bigger stages across the world.

What are some of the challenges you faced, before, during and after the pageant?   it wasn’t easy preparing for a pageant, I had financial issues which normally come with preparing for pageant and was one of the reasons I wanted to quit, but I had people supporting and praying for me and above all it was really my desire to participate so I kept pushing after all nothing good comes so easy, rehearsing regularly and trying to perfect all that is needed to make me win wasn’t easy, I spent all my weekend in school to perfect my walk and it was tasking. Another thing that was a challenge was my fellow contestant, I saw competition in them most especially the gem queen, Queen Columbus Faith who later won the pageant while I became the first runner up, she was one person I didn’t allow myself to be defeated, but I love her and she made me add extra force in my preparation.  Walking and running up and down the hotel stairs in camp because our room was upstairs made my legs hurt, but as a kinetics students in school I was not suppose to complain it made me strong and smart in all my doings during camping.

After winning the crown, what are some of the achievements that you have had? I was able to get lots of fans and most especially, I am being recognized where ever I go as part of the gem queens because the brand is a popular one.  I also became the brand ambassador of Ena luxury hairs and it has been amazing working with them.

How has the Agency impacted your Life?  They are one of the best agencies to work with; they made me believe one can fulfill all of her dreams not withstanding the pressure, financial problem and challenges of life.

What do you hope gain now that you are a queen? My greatest desire is to see that the agency grows bigger and also see that young girls are able to pick up a standard and start working and following their dreams.

How long have you been a queen? From my secondary school until now, I think I can say am getting to 5 years of wearing different crowns, but for this title am Holding its been 3 months gone already.

In a few words, what does being Culture Queen Mean to you? Cultural queen is simply a woman who has confidence and high self esteem, she is a rare gem, she is found in every organization she is found and most especially she wears a crown made of strength, courage and determination.


My advice to the contestants is to believe in themselves and not get distracted in their pursuit for the crown, because it’s only your efforts and willingness that can make you win because the brand will give you the b chance to prove yourself worthy for the crown hence adhere to all instructions by the agency and they sky will be your starting point.



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