What are your names? Mercy Nkwachukwu Nwobodo.

How many are you in your family? Four: My dad, my mom by younger brother and I.

Are you married?  No I’m single

Aside from modeling what do you do?   Aside from modeling, I’m a make up artist and I’m still a student

What are some of the challenges you have faced? Well one of the challenges I faced in the past was rejection. A couple of times I sent my pictures to some modeling agencies but they rejected me saying I’m not good enough for their clients but I never gave up, I love modeling and I am passionate about it.  The challenge I’m facing now is unstable income. The modeling industry in Africa especially in Nigeria is still growing and is yet to have a proper structure. Some models especially upcoming models like me don’t have a stable income. Most of my photo shots are sponsored by me even though I am under an agency. In order to survive this challenge I started working and I use the money to sponsor my modeling career.

What are some of your aspirations for 2021? Some of my aspirations for 2021 are, learn a new skill. Last year which was 2020 l learnt make up so this year I’m thinking of going into baking. My aspirations for 2021 also include building an emergency fund and creating a monthly budget.

What have you dreamt of doing? I have always dreamt of been my own boss, having my own beauty parlor where I focus on making women look beautiful, sell cosmetics and anything related to beauty and I will like to achieve that.

What is your greatest achievement? To date what I consider as my greatest achievement is acquiring my makeup skill. why because I did on my own and nobody sponsored it.

What are you most passionate about? I was passionate about making women look beautiful, I love everything about beauty. That is what inspired to work as a makeup artist.

What is your biggest fear?  Fear of failure and poverty. I am really afraid of been in a situation where I can’t provide life necessities for myself and the people I love.

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