What if everything we have ever known was a lie? If everything our great grandfathers learned and passed down to our grandfathers and on to our fathers then to us was nothing but a story orchestrated by one man? What if the original truth had been twisted and a woman can after all do what a man can? Well we cannot say it is, or isn’t so because after all, we all believe in different things and are purported to only know part of the truth.

Since time indefinite society has presented a man as a superior to a woman, but that picture seems to be slowly getting edited by a number of women doing extraordinary things. Every day more and more women are stepping out of their comfort zones to pursue careers in engineering, mining, and pursuing frontiers in avenues of business that were previously only undertaken by men. But does this development mean that now women are equal to or even greater than men?

The world now advocates for women’s rights due to their valuable inputs into society as a whole. Though good, this move leaves some questions – are women the only ones fighting for gender equality? We have observed that men too are crossing over into avenues that seemed to only be made for women previously, for instance we are now seeing male nurses, male makeup artists and hair dressers, male designers as well as males taking up secretarial jobs and many more positions that seemed to have been reserved more for the female folk.
Well in a nutshell, knowing people cannot say “this is a man’s world” confidently anymore but cannot declare it a woman’s world either takes us back to the question – is this really a man’s world?

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